Rescue Life Hurricane Disaster Relief

These are some of Rescue Life’s permanent residents that were steps away from a slaughter house, suffering from abuse and neglect or simply disregarded by unkind humans.
After hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico we created Rescue Life Hurricane Disaster Relief. Rescue Life, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Pet Haven, A Second Chance and Dream Ride pulled together to support Puerto Rico’s and were able to save over 1000 dogs, cats, and horses thus far.

providing much needed food & supplies to residents and veterinary clinics island wide; one of our main goals was to provide assistance with what lays ahead, with the aftermath; with the reconstruction, the well-being of the people and of every living creature of the island. We have analyzed and researched to provide effective assistance with the island’s long-term recovery issues. Our long term goal is help our friends in Puerto Rico in the planning, rebuilding, and in maintaining the safest and healthiest lifestyle with what they have and need to survive.

Moving forward Rescue Life will continue to it’s mission to help animals and humans in Puerto Rico and other areas who have been devastated by natural disasters. In addition to disaster relief will be fundraising for on going projects such as rescuing horses from slaughter houses, as well as local animal rescue in South Florida or surrounding states that may need extra help in desperate times. These projects will be posted on our website and updated regularly. You may donate to any project at anytime through or through our go fund we have set for Rescue Life Disaster Relief at

Here some of our hurricane disaster relief work:



If you are interested in becoming a Foster, Volunteering, Sponsoring or Adopting, please call Meg Weinberger at (561) 310-6591 or Stacy Walgreen at (310) 503-4940.

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