Rescue+Life now offers special guests to drop in on your next video conference call. Book Quackers, Chewy, or Chubbs…or ask for a stroll through the rescue to all the animals. Available for Businesses, Hospital Visits or just an Individual Viewing.

Sponsorship & Sanctuary

Adopt, sponsor or donate…any of these helps us to save those that cannot save themselves.

You Can Help

We all get by with a little help from our friends and our Sanctuary is no different. Click below to see how you can help RESCUE+LIFE.

Adoptable Buddies

We are known by the friends we keep. Dog, horse, pig, alpaca or zebra…which is right for you?

Want to partner with us?

Sharing the love. Throughout the year Rescue Life teams up with Dream Ride Foundation, Els for Autism, and other rescues providing education, comfort and an array of sunshine to those less fortunate. A lotta licks goes a long way!

You can also schedule a tour of Rescue Life, take a pony ride or book an equine therapy session. It’s like going to the zoo but BETTER!

Watch Barn Buds!