Sponsorship & Sanctuary

Rescue Life has opened up it’s doors, and living room couches to so many sweet angels, many that will never leave. They may be messy and a bit loud but they’ve stolen the hearts of the Weinberger family. Along with stealing hearts these precious fur babies of all sorts can also steal the money right from your bank account. If you can’t take one of our adorable rescues home we invite you sponsor an animal of your choice. In order to maintain this beauty and safe sanctuary any and every donation is greatly appreciated. We’ve created three sponsorship levels and what that means in regards to food, supplies, medical and more for our residents. In addition to sponsoring an animal we’ll send you photos and a brief update on how your rescue pen pal is doing. If you’re ever in our area we hope you’ll come visit us.

Want to partner with us?

Sharing the love. Throughout the year Rescue Life teams up with Dream Ride Foundation, Els for Autism, and other rescues providing education, comfort and an array of sunshine to those less fortunate. A lotta licks goes a long way!

You can also schedule a tour of Rescue Life, take a pony ride or book an equine therapy session. It’s like going to the zoo but BETTER!

Auggie & Sugar

Auggie and Sugar are our two adorable Alpacas. At first they had the whole pasture to themselves but now they’ve added stripes to their grassy abode. Everyone seems to get along just fine. Every so often Auggie and Sugar make a quick trip to the barn salon for a big shave. Hello wooley winter sweaters for the holidays.

Marty & Aurora

Marty and Aurora moved in with the alpacas. They share the chores of eating and fertilizing the grass and spend the rest of the day frolicking around the pond and napping.

Huey & Rocky

Big sweet Huey..say no more! This gentle giant settled in at Rescue Life immediately. He’s really just an oversized stuff animal you’d like to snuggle with a night. Oh, you actually can do that.
Rescue Life creatures come in all shapes and sizes.

Say hi to Rocky, our mini. Our mini who thinks he’s the big kahuna.

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier is another permanent resident. He’s the perfect little pony but unfortunately he has been battling some hoof issues and we can’t ride him. Luckily life is still grand for Toy because we make sure he gets the best care and research innovative remedies to keep him happy and healthy.

Sammy & Honey Bear

Sammy and Honey Bear definitely take the cake when it comes to ruling the pack. Honey bear is the momma pup that takes everyone under her wing. Yes, this ridiculously sweet pit bull wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Sammy does as Sammy likes. Seriously, look at him. Do you want to try and move this guy. Lol
Sammy, Honey and others often accompany mommy and the girls to various charities. Their job is not done until theres’s a smile on every face.


If you are interested in becoming a Foster, Volunteering, Sponsoring or Adopting, please call Meg Weinberger at (561) 310-6591 or Stacy Walgreen at (310) 503-4940.

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