Rescued, Rehabbed and Forever Loved!

These are some of Rescue Life’s permanent residents that were steps away from a slaughter house, suffering from abuse and neglect or simply disregarded by unkind humans.

Donkeys rescued from slaughter house in LA. We recused 6 altogether. They were So incredibly sick. We spent at least month tending to them in an isolated pastured because they were contagious. Rescue Life members and volunteers check on them 3/4 times a day. We spent about over $10,000 in vet bills. Four of the 6 survived and are happy and healthy at farms near by. They are thriving! They play with other barn animals and are very friendly. When they first arrived they were so scared. Angel, who is one of the survivors, could barely stand up for weeks, he was so sick.

We are happy to announce all four donkeys have found their forever homes.



If you are interested in becoming a Foster, Volunteering, Sponsoring or Adopting, please call Meg Weinberger at (561) 310-6591 or Stacy Walgreen at (310) 503-4940.

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